Creative Werks Corporate Headquarters


Elk Grove Village, Illinois


Corporate Headquarters
Exterior & Interior Renovations

Project Type

21,020 SF

Project Size


Construction Cost

Start: December 2016
Completion: June 2017

Construction Dates


Creative is an understatement for this 30,000 square foot innovative office space. From the moment you step foot in the door and look around you are inspired to be creative. The open and inviting environment, filled with colorful, thought-provoking murals, utilizes a variety of materials, textures and patterns to encourage employee collaboration and the execution of new ideas. In addition to thoughtfully designed office spaces and studio-style workspaces, the newly renovated office features multiple lounges, breakout spaces and team meeting rooms, a basketball court, a work-out center, locker rooms with shower facilities, and full-concept kitchens complete with a dining area. Coupling these amenities within an office environment provides users with a holistic, employee experience-driven facility. This, in turn, will yield a more productive and dedicated employee pool. With an office as complete and inspirational as Creative Werks, going to work will never get old.

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